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OPCBA is a PCBA online shopping mall managed by the team of LENSUO Technology Development Co., Ltd., providing customers with online ordering of PCBA products and ODM/EMS services.


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4F, Bozhi center Building, Chentian Industry zone, Xixiang town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

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LENSUO techonlogy development Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of high-precision printed circuit board (PCB).We specialize in the manufacture of high precision double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards, We provide high quality products and faster service for high-tech companies. We founded in 2002, now has more than and 500 employees, the factory covers an area of 9600 square meters, the monthly production capacity is 30 thousand square meters.

LENSUO have a group of experienced staff and high-quality management team, set up a complete quality assurance system. Products include FR-4 PCB, Metal PCB and RFPCB (ceramic PCB, PTFE PCB), etc. Have rich experience in the production of thick copper PCB, RF PCB, high Tg PCB, HDI PCB.

LENSUO established market development, product development, production engineering, process control, quality assurance, material control, customer service service management system. In 2003 through ISO9001 certification, SGS certification and UL certification, in 2006 through the ISO140001 certification, in 2008 through the TS16949 certification.

LENSUO always adhere to the “integrity-based, quality first” purpose. Help customers to win the market, to provide customers with more stable performance, higher quality products and more satisfactory service.