High requirements’ PCB in some extreme fields

PCBs used in harsh and extreme environments mean that they need to operate under extreme temperatures, humidity, constant vibration, strong shocks, and other conditions that can affect reliability and their normal performance. Due to the differences in environmental requirements across industries and applications, in the medical industry, this could mean conditions such as high temperatures, […]

PCB: Plated Vias

Plating sealing holes is a commonly used manufacturing process for printed circuit boards, used to fill and seal through-holes (vias) to enhance conductivity and protection. In the printed circuit board manufacturing process, the vias are used to connect the different circuit layers. The purpose of plating to seal vias is to enhance conductivity and provide […]

PCB Solder Mask

Solder mask(solder resist) is used to provide media and mechanical shielding during and after the soldering process. Solder masks are used to provide dielectric and mechanical shielding during and after the soldering process. The material of the solder resist can be liquid or dry. Colors of PCB Solder maskPCB solder mask can be displayed in […]

Development prospect of IC carrier boards

IC carrier board, also known as packaging substrate, connects and transfers the bare chip (DIE) and the signal carrier between the PCB, which can be understood as a high-end PCB product. IC carrier board compared to the PCB has higher technical requirements. IC carrier board From the development of HDI (High-Density Interconnect) technology, from the […]

Impedance Control: Characteristics and Methods

Impedance control, the conductor in the circuit board will be a variety of signal transmission, to improve its transmission rate and must improve its frequency, the line itself, if due to etching, the thickness of the laminated layer, the width of the conductor and other factors that will cause impedance worth of change, so that […]

What is FPCB?

Flexible circuit boards are highly reliable, excellent flexible printed circuit boards made of polyimide or polyester film as a base material. Abbreviated as flexible board or FPC, it is characterized by high wiring density, lightweight, and thin thickness. It is mainly used in cell phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs, and other products. Production […]

FFC VS FPC Connector

FFC connector is a flexible flat cable connector, it is a PET insulation material and extremely thin tinned flat copper wire, through a high-tech automated equipment production line pressed together into a new type of data cable, with a soft, free-to-bend and fold, thin thickness, small size, simple connection, easy disassembly, easy to solve the […]

PCB Drilling Dimensions

Via is one of the most important parts of a multilayer PCB, and the cost of drilling usually accounts for 30% to 40% of the cost of PCB fabrication. From the design point of view, a via is mainly composed of two parts, one is the middle of the drill hole (drill hole), and the […]

Advantages of Aluminum Core PCB in Heat Dissipation

LED circuit design, to better solve the heat dissipation problem, LEDs and some high-power ICs need to use aluminum-based printed circuit boards. Aluminum PCB includes a circuit layer (copper foil layer), an insulation layer, and a metal base. The circuit layer should have a large current-carrying capacity, so thick copper foil should be used, and […]

How to prevent false and false soldering defects in PCB Assembly?

PCBA soldering processing mainly refers to the production process of soldering PCB circuit boards and components together through the soldering process. The soldering process is prone to welding and false welding and other welding defects, false welding and false welding will seriously affect the reliability of the product, greatly increasing the cost of product maintenance. […]

What’s Copper Clad PCB?

PCB Copper Overlay: The area of a PCB layer that is filled with copper. The layer can be the top, bottom, or any interior of the PCB stack, and the PCB copper overlay can be used as a ground, reference, or to isolate specific components or circuits from the rest of the elements of the […]

Consumer Electronics: Flex PCB Prototypes Are Increasingly in Demand

Flex PCB Prototypes  also known as flexibly printed board, can be widely used in communication products, computers, consumer electronics, cameras, automobiles, and other fields, and its function can be divided into lead lines, printed circuits, printers, and multifunctional integration systems. Due to the traditional hardboard material is more hard, can not adapt to the development […]