Why the through-hole should be plugged ink?

Through-hole lines with each other to connect the role of conduction, the development of the electronics industry, and also to promote the development of PCB, but also the production process of printed circuit boards and surface mounting technology put forward higher requirements. Surface mounting technology to put forward higher requirements. With the development of electronic […]

FPC Fabrication with Small Size and Lightweight

Flexible Printed Circuit Board (Flexible Printed Circuit abbreviated as FPC) is made of polyimide or polyester film as a substrate with a high degree of reliability, and excellent flexible printed circuit board. With high wiring density, lightweight, thin thickness, and good bending characteristics. Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) is a technology developed by the United States […]

Do you know the specific details of Isola 370HR?

What characteristics Isola 370HR laminates have? Let’s learn something about it and we can know what kind of PCBs will use Isola370HR laminates. 370HR is a high performance 180°C glass transition temperature(Tg) FR-4 system for multilayer Printed Wiring Board (PWB)applications where maximum thermal performance and reliabilityare required. 370HR laminate and prepreg products aremanufactured with a […]

PCB Manfacture Process: Semi-flex PCBs

The importance of rigid-flex PCBs cannot be underestimated when it comes to PCB manufacturing. One of the reasons for this is the trend towards miniaturization of products. In addition, due to 3D assembly flexibility and functionality, the demand for rigid-flex PCBs is on the rise. However, not all PCB manufacturers can meet the complexity of […]

Your Rogers RO4350B PCB Is Coming Soon

PCBs manufactured using Rogers RO4350B as a substrate can be referred to as Rogers RO4350B PCBs.So, what are the benefits of this material? Rogers RO4350B HF material is a glass fiber reinforced (non-PTFE) hydrocarbon/ceramic laminate designed for high-volume, high-performance commercial applications.RO4350B is designed to provide superior RF performance and cost-effective circuit production. It is a […]

Metallic Substrates PCB : Main Characteristics and Applications

Metal Base Copper Clad Laminates (also known as Insulated Metallic Substrates). It is generally by the metal base (aluminum, iron, copper, molybdenum alloys, and other metal plates), insulating layer (epoxy resin, polyimide resin, epoxy glass cloth, etc.) and conductive layer (copper foil, etc.) of the composite plate. It is a special substrate material for manufacturing […]

Do You Know Halogen-Free PCBs?

Halogen-free boards are environmentally friendly materials that use a base material that is processed with halogen-free raw materials to produce a PCB circuit board called a halogen-free circuit board. Electronic products contain some specific materials, these materials contain the highest concentration of halogens. To create a halogen-free PCB circuit board for electronics, certain materials need […]

Advantages and Development of Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB is a special PCB, its characteristic is its copper thickness is equal to or higher than 2oz. So, What is OZ? In the PCB industry, the unit of measurement used to express copper thickness is the Ounce. 1oz in units of length represents the thickness of the copper foil of a PCB […]

Development of Aluminum Nitride PCB

Aluminum Nitride PCB is a PCB made of aluminum nitride ceramic material as a substrate on which metal circuits are etched and processed. Aluminum Nitride (Aluminum Nitride, AlN) is a covalently bonded compound with a hexagonal crystal bra-zincite-type structural morphology, which has excellent thermal conductivity, Reliable electrical insulation, low dielectric constant, and dielectric loss, is […]

Rogers substrate for your PCB design

A high-frequency board is a special copper-clad board with a high-frequency microwave substrate, also called a high-frequency microwave printed board, further processing can be manufactured into high-frequency PCB boards. The use of Rogers high-frequency materials made into Rogers boards, widely used in communications base stations and antennas aviation, high demand, market prospects Good. As the […]

Why Rogers’s material is so popular among PCB designers?

Rogers PCBs are produced using Rogers laminination as the base material. Rogers PCB sheet is a high-frequency material that is different from traditional PCB epoxy. There are no glass fibers in the middle it is a ceramic-based high-frequency material. When the circuit frequency is higher than 500MHz, the range of materials available to the design […]