What Does S1000-2 Refer to?

S1000-2 is a high Tg material of PCB material type in Shengyi board. The relationship between S1000-2 and FR-4: FR-4 is a PCB material, also known as fiberglass cloth material. Compared with CEM and paper substrates, S1000-2 also belongs to FR-4 board in essence.

The characteristics of the raw material S1000-2 are as follows:
1.High Tg 170 ℃;
2.High heat resistance;
3.Capable of lead-free compatibility with FR-4 plates;
4.Low water absorption rate;
5.Excellent through-hole reliability and excellent Anti-CAF performance;
6.Z-Axis has low thermal expansion coefficient.

S1000-2 material is mainly used in routers, computer and communication equipment, as well as high-grade instruments and instruments for industrial control. If you are interested in the specification parameters of S1000-2 materials, please contact us for the material parameter table.


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