What is CCL?

CCL, Copper Clad Laminate, also known as Copper Clad Laminate, is the upstream core material for PCB manufacturing and is closely related to PCB. The main material of PCB is Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), which is composed of substrate, copper foil, and adhesive, and its main functions are interconnection conduction, insulation, and support and adhesive, the main role is interconnecting conduction, insulation, and support.CCL has a great influence on the transmission speed, energy loss, and characteristic impedance of the signal in the circuit, so the performance, quality, processability in manufacturing, manufacturing level, manufacturing cost, and long-term reliability and stability of PCBs depend largely on the copper cladding material. CCL PCB

The manufacturing process of the laminate board is to impregnate the reinforcing materials such as fiberglass cloth, fiberglass mat, paper, etc. with epoxy resins, phenolic resins, and other adhesives, and then dry them at appropriate temperatures to the B stage. Stage, to get the pre-impregnated materials (referred to as dipping materials), and then they will be according to the process requirements and copper foil stacking, in the laminating machine by heating and pressurization to get the required copper-clad laminate. The laminating machine is heated and pressurized to obtain the required copper-clad laminates.

Classification of copper-clad laminates:
(1) According to the reinforcing material
-Glass cloth-based, such as glass cloth, glass felt
-Paper-based, such as wood pulp paper, bleached wood pulp paper, and absorbent cotton paper.

(2) According to the type of adhesive
-Phenolic-type foil sheet
-Epoxy laminate
-Polyester type
-Polyimide-type foil sheet
-Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

(3) According to the characteristics of the substrate and use of points
According to the degree of combustion of the base material in the flame and after leaving the fire source is divided into:
The degree of bending of the substrate can be divided into:
-Rigid Foil Sheet
-Flexible sheets
According to the degree of substrate bending can be divided into:
-Heat-resistant cladding
-Radiation-resistant cladding sheets
-High-frequency laminates

Copper-clad laminates have become an important part of the basic materials in electronic information products. Copper-clad laminates manufacturing industry is a sunrise industry, which is accompanied by the development of the electronic information and communication industry. Its manufacturing technology is a high and new technology with an interdisciplinary intersection, mutual penetration, and mutual promotion. The development of electronic information technology The history of the development of electronic information technology shows that copper-clad laminate technology is one of the key technologies to promote the rapid development of the electronics industry. Copper-clad laminate technology and production development and the electronic information industry, especially with the development of the PCB industry are synchronized and inseparable. Development is synchronized and inseparable. This is continuous innovation, the continuous pursuit of the process, the progress and development of copper-clad laminates, at times by the electronic machine products, semiconductor manufacturing technology, electronic installation technology, and PCB industry, the development of copper-clad laminates is synchronized and inseparable. Technology, electronic installation technology, and PCB manufacturing technology are driven by innovation and development.  CCL PCB

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