What is FR-4?

FR-4 is one of the most popular materials used for manufacturing PCBs.FR in FR-4 represents a flame retardant, while the number 4 distinguishes this material from other materials in this category. FR-4 is a glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate that looks like a thin woven fabric board. FR-4 also represents a grade used to manufacture these laminates. The glass fiber structure provides structural stability for the material. The glass fiber layer is covered with flame-retardant epoxy resin. This brings durability and strong mechanical properties to the material.

FR-4 is a low-cost material.It has a high dielectric strength with its electrical insulation performance.The material has a high strength to weight ratio and is lightweight.It is moisture-proof and also has a relative temperature.the good electrical loss performance,FR-4 material does not absorb water, so it is also suitable for various marine PCB applications. The material is yellow to light green, very suitable for any application.

FR-4 serves as the foundation for any PCBs. The material is laminated with a copper foil layer. Laminate using heating and adhesive. Copper foil can be used to laminate materials from one or both sides. FR-4 substrates has been widely used in electronic products such as military, communication, computers, digital circuits, industrial instruments, automotive circuits etc. All performance indicators can satisfy the needs of general industrial electronic products, and has a good price performance ratio.

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