Parameter Characteristics of FR-4 PCB

FR-4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate is a class of substrate with epoxy resin as a binder and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material. Its bonding sheet and the inner core of the thin copper-clad laminate, make the production of multilayer printed circuit boards an important substrate. FR4 is a flame-resistant material grade […]

Where FPC is used?

Flexible PCB, FPC PCB, made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material, is a highly reliable and excellent flexible printed circuit board. It is mainly used in cell phones, laptops, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs, and many other products – FPC Test The production of a good quality FPC board must have a complete […]

Alumina ceramic PCB

Alumina ceramic PCB is a special process board in which copper foil is bonded directly to the surface of alumina (Al2O3) ceramic substrate (single-sided or double-sided) at high temperature. The ultra-thin composite substrate is made of excellent electrical insulation properties, high thermal conductivity characteristics, excellent soft brazing, and high adhesion strength, and can be etched […]

Does residue on PCBA have any effect on reliability?

The development trend of the electronic information industry requires more and more PCBA assembly processes, and the reliability and quality of electronic machine products are mainly determined by the reliability and quality level of PCBA. electronic pcb assembly Residues on PCBA mainly come from the assembly process, especially the welding process. Such as the use […]

The test methods of printed circuit board

After ensuring that the PCB does not have a short circuit, broken circuit, poor contact, and other bad problems, before packaging and shipping. circuit board light fixture Test Methods have two:1. Flying probe test2. Fixture test. The flying probe test is one of the methods to check the electrical function of PCB (open and short […]

How should you identify the components on the PCB?

PCB in electronic equipment is the carrier of electronic components, provides mechanical support and electrical connections, and ensures the reliability of the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of electronic products. It provides solder-resist graphics for automatic soldering and identifying characters and graphics for electronic component installation, inspection, and maintenance. pcb components identification PCB board by […]

3D printer can bring a lower cost for PCB production

What’s 3D printing?3D printing is an advanced technology used to create three-dimensional objects. As opposed to traditional industrial manufacturing, it does not require molds or equipping large production lines. Simply put, 3D printing involves building objects on a machine by stacking materials layer by layer based on a computer-generated three-dimensional model. 3d printing pcb boards […]

What is the chip test?

Any piece of integrated circuit is designed for the completion of certain electrical characteristics of the function of the monolithic module, IC test is the integrated circuit test, is the use of a variety of methods, detection of those in the manufacturing process due to physical defects caused by non-compliance with the requirements of the […]

LED PCB board of CEM3 material

The base material of LED PCB board often uses aluminum base, because aluminum substrate has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and machinability. Some LED PCB boards also use copper-based materials, FR4 materials. Light bar LED PCB board will also be used to make flexible board PI material. The specific use of what materials, mainly depends […]

What’s RF PCB?

RF is the abbreviation of high-frequency alternating electromagnetic waves. According to Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetic fields, an oscillating electric field produces an oscillating magnetic field, and an oscillating magnetic field produces an oscillating electric field. Electromagnetic fields propagate outward in space, forming electromagnetic waves. gps pcb antenna RF PCB: A high-frequency PCB made of polytetrafluoroethylene […]