Consumer Electronics: Flex PCB Prototypes Are Increasingly in Demand

Flex PCB Prototypes  also known as flexibly printed board, can be widely used in communication products, computers, consumer electronics, cameras, automobiles, and other fields, and its function can be divided into lead lines, printed circuits, printers, and multifunctional integration systems. Due to the traditional hardboard material is more hard, can not adapt to the development of electronic products miniaturization, high-density, lightweight, and Flex PCB prototype is not only flexible circuit boards or even three-dimensional line structure is an important material, so in the design of electronic products is very popular.

In consumer electronics, smartphones with the Flex PCB prototypes are in great demand, the battery, screen, camera module, and other hardware need to use FPC. Flex PCB prototypes mainly have the following advantages:

1. High degree of flexibility, which can reduce the product volume, according to the space limitations to change shape.
2. Can be three-dimensional wiring, can be folded and wound, conducive to product design, but also to reduce assembly time and errors.
3. Stable chemical properties, can improve the service life of the product, prevent static interference, safe and reliable.
4. High and low-temperature resistance, flame resistance, good heat dissipation, multi-functional and low cost.
5. Can realize miniaturization, thin, lightweight, in line with the characteristics of the development of electronic products, can achieve the integration of components, devices, and wire connections.

In the era of full-screen smartphones, the application of display panels based on LCD/OLED and AMOLED screens, as well as the application of virtual buttons instead of physical buttons and under-screen fingerprint recognition programs have greatly increased the amount of FPC  inside the phone.FPC flexible boards save the internal space of smartphones to a certain extent, making the assembly and processing inside the phone more flexible. With the release of the folding screen phone, the amount of FPC with the expansion of the folding screen and increase the amount and value of FPC  within a single cell phone are growing.

The emerging smart wearable devices, such as smart bracelets, smart watches, and smart glasses also need to use FPC, VR glasses in the application of FPC reached as many as nine pieces of FPC , FPC small and bendable characteristics and smart wearable devices have a high degree of compatibility. The development of wearable products will also significantly boost the demand for FPC so that the growth rate of FPC is faster.

FPC  has excellent characteristics and broad market development space, for FPC quality, material, and performance testing, is conducive to improving the manufacturing technology of FPCand reducing the loss of materials and environmental pollution. Tests need to use some of the necessary equipment, such as the ability to transmit the current of the high-current slug micro-pin module, which can be in the FPC, to establish a stable connection.

Flex PCB prototype of the basic test standards are 1. substrate film surface, cover layer appearance; 2. connecting plate and cover layer deviation, adhesive and cover layer of the flow of infiltration, cover layer of the conductor under the discoloration; 3. temperature and humidity resistance, voltage resistance, bending resistance, resistance to welding performance in line with the requirements; 4. plating combined with poor coating layer leakage, and so on.

FPC withstand voltage test needs to be connected to the circuit, test its current transmission capacity and the ability to withstand voltage, high-current slug micro-pin module as a connection module can be in the range of 1-50A, current transmission, and conduction, overcurrent capacity, but also has stable connectivity. After the gold-plating process of high-current shrapnel micro pin modules are not only conductive, in the field of small pitch, but also have a reliable response, can be adapted to the pitch value between 0.15mm-0.4mm, contact stability does not card pin, the average service life of more than 20w times, the test does not need to be replaced often, a strong savings in the cost of time and material resources. High-current shrapnel micro-pin module low production difficulty, fast shipping time, long service life, and stable performance, in the FPC test can effectively improve the test efficiency, and increase the output of the FPC.

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