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Do you know what IPC and IPC-A-600 are?

What is IPC? What is IPC-A-600?

IPC is composed of the initial letter of  “Institute of Printed Circuits” and was renamed “The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits” in 1977. It was also renamed “AssociationTIon Connecting Electronics Industries” in 1998.  Although it has undergone multiple renames, it is still abbreviated as “IPC”. IPC only formulates and develops specifications and standards, and actively participates in the formulation of IEC electronic component standards.

IPC’s mission is to serve the printed board and electronic assembly industry, as well as its users and suppliers. The main activities of IPC include: market research and statistics, standards and specifications, technical seminars, workshops, qualification training and certification, printed circuit exhibitions, etc. The formulation of standards and specifications for the manufacturing and assembly of printed circuit boards is particularly prominent.

IPC-A-600 is a printed board acceptance standard published by IPC in 1964. Sometimes people refer to IPC-A-600 as IPC A 600 and IPC 600 for convenience.

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