Resin Plug Holes in HDI PCBs

Resin hole plugging is the use of conductive or non-conductive resin, through printing, using all possible ways, in the mechanical through-hole, mechanical blind buried holes, and other types of holes to fill, to achieve the purpose of plugging holes. Selection of resin plug hole aperture size is generally 0.1-0.8mm; plate thickness ranges from 0.4-8.0mm; plug hole types are buried hole plug hole, blind hole plug hole, through hole plug hole; also divided into insulating resin plug hole and conductive resin plug hole. – resin plug hole hdi pcb

1. The purpose of the resin plug hole
(1) Resin filling all kinds of blind buried holes, after the vacuum drop for lamination.
(2) Resin filling, can avoid the surface depression problem caused by insufficient filling of lamination flow glue, which is conducive to the production of fine lines and characteristic impedance control.
(3) The three-dimensional space can be effectively utilized to realize the arbitrary interconnection between layers through hole-stacking technology.
(4) Higher-density wiring can be realized through the patch design on the hole.
(5) Can eliminate impurities into the conduction hole, or avoid the involvement of corrosive impurities.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of resin plug holes
When the design requirements of the through-hole plug hole, or does not allow the through-hole red, and there is a hole in the disk, it is recommended to do a resin plug hole; when the through-hole in the BGA solder joints, it is also recommended to do resin plug hole.

It is recommended to make resin plug holes when the design requires plug holes or does not allow reddening of the holes, and there is a hole in the disk; it is also recommended to make resin plug holes when the holes are punched on the BGA solder joints.

Due to the high cost of production, the process is more complex, and the resin plugging equipment is also more expensive, so the unit price of resin plugging holes is generally higher. In the BGA above the hole, generally defined as a hole in the disk, the need to plug the resin, resin plating above the cap to facilitate product soldering; in addition to BGA, when the product requirements of all the holes in the resin plug holes, the patch above the hole, also defined as a hole in the disk.

3. Resin plug holes in HDI PCB applications
Inner HDI PCB resin plug holes are widely used in HDI products to meet the design requirements of HDI products with thin dielectric layers. For the inner layer of HDI, HDI PCB has a buried hole design of blind buried hole products, because the middle combined with the thin media design, often also needs to increase the inner layer of the HDI resin plug-hole process. Part of the blind hole products because the thickness of the blind hole layer is greater than 0.5mm, compression bonding filler can not fill the blind holes, but also needs to carry out the resin plugging to fill the blind holes, to avoid the subsequent process of blind holes in the holes without copper problems.

With the resin plugging technology application of proficiency continues to improve, as well as similar to the bubble and other stubborn problems effectively resolved, resin plugging technology is constantly being promoted. For example, the resin plugging of blind holes in HDI and the VIP process of burying holes in the inner layer of HDI for stacked HDI structures.

At present, in the industry’s common standards (IPC-650), there are no resin plug holes in the hole copper thickness requirements, the potential risk is that once the resin plug holes in the hole above the copper plating is thin, after the inner HDI line of surface treatment, after the brown treatment, the hole above the thin copper will have to be drilled by the laser drilling through the possibility, and in the electrical test can not be determined in the problem.

Resin plug holes are widely used in blind buried holes, HDI, thick copper PCBs, etc. These types of PCBs are mainly used in communication, military, aerospace, power supply, and networking.

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