LED PCB board of CEM3 material

The base material of LED PCB board often uses aluminum base, because aluminum substrate has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and machinability. Some LED PCB boards also use copper-based materials, FR4 materials. Light bar LED PCB board will also be used to make flexible board PI material.

The specific use of what materials, mainly depends on the comprehensive consideration of the lamp manufacturer. Based on low cost and other comprehensive considerations, some customers will choose CEM3 material.

Here we recommend one of the CEM3 materials used by OPCBA: KB-7150T.
(1) Its applications.
●LED backlight
●LED light for a house or street lamp
●Car display lamp
●Instrument panel
●DC-AC etc

(2)Its features.
●High thermal conductivity
●High CTI value
●Excellent heat resistance
Low Z-axis expansion
Low moisture absorption
●Excellent Anti CAF performance
●IPC-4101E/81 specification is applicable

Much more information about KB-7150T, click to get its specification pdf. SGS report.

If you’re interested in producing LED PCB board with CEM3 material, feel free to contact us.
OPCBA can fabricate the LED PCB board for you, with aluminum substrates, Cu-based substrates, FR4 material, and CEM3 material.

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