Automotive PCBA

Material: FR-4
Layer: 4 layers
Finished thickness: 1.6mm
Copper thickness: 1OZ
Color: Green/ White/ Blue/ Red
Surface Finish: ENIG/ENEPIG/Immersion silver/ OSP/ HASL
Min Trace/Space: 4mil
Application: Automobile Control System, Car charging PCBA etc.

PCB prototype should be customized
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Automotive PCBA refers to some electronic parts in cars, like screens, lights, press buttons, etc. Millimeter-wave radar PCB of ADAS often listens to the needs of the PCB manufacturing industry.

Automotive PCBA

What is the development market of PCBA for automotive electronics?
In response to the environmental protection measures, self-driving and new energy vehicles began to gradually popular, this aspect of the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises such as Tesla, BYD, azure car, etc., are directly driven by the automotive electronics PCBA processing manufacturers of customer order growth. In addition, because of the high provisions of the reliability of automotive electronics PCBA processing, automotive electronics PCBA processing high threshold, profit indoor space is also very considerable.

(1) autonomous driving and new energy vehicles have greatly increased the use of automotive printed circuit boards
With the gradual transition of traditional automobiles to automatic driving cars, as well as policy support for the promotion of new energy vehicles, to adapt to the application of new technologies, the demand for automotive PCB electronic control boards continues to increase, the use of automotive PCB circuit boards is becoming more and more widespread. It is predicted that in the future, along with the improvement and popularization of technicality, the level of automotive intelligent systems will be further improved.

(2) millimeter-wave radar on the high-frequency PCB circuit boards caused great demand for
At this stage, millimeter-wave radar is in a high-speed development trend, and the average value of bicycles using millimeter-wave radar is expected to increase again in the future. Radar high-frequency circuit has a high demand for PCB board and manufacturing process. As a result, automotive radar PCB boards will generate higher added value for the PCBA processing and manufacturing industry.

(3) New energy vehicles power battery BMS technology upgrade potential
The battery management system (BATTERYMANAGEMENTSYSTEM), battery management system (BMS) is the link between the battery and the user, the main object is the secondary battery, mainly to be able to improve the utilization rate of the battery, to prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging. As one of the bases of the BMS hardware PCB circuit board components, the development of its industry is also bound to benefit. At present, the use of limousine single-car PCB area of about 2-3 square meters, assuming that the use of a new energy car PCB area of 2 square meters, 2,000 yuan per square meter, 2020 new energy car PCB global market size of 16.4 billion yuan.

(4) High barrier to entry for automotive printed circuit board processing
PCBA processing leading manufacturers have a huge first mover advantage, due to the special working environment of the car, safety high current and other demand characteristics, its PCB circuit board reliability, environmental adaptability, and other needs are very demanding, which also indirectly gives rise to the high threshold of PCBA processing. According to the automotive industry, the zero defective rate is the international manufacturer of PCBA suppliers of basic needs but also determines whether it can cross into the field of automotive PCB processing. Due to the high entry threshold of automotive PCB, automotive manufacturers generally do not change the cooperation of certified suppliers at will. Therefore, once the PCBA processing manufacturers can successfully enter the supply chain of international manufacturers, will not only bring the company long-term stable orders but also due to the high threshold of industrial characteristics, for the company’s operations to bring relatively generous growth space. Therefore, the first-mover advantage of the leading enterprises is very obvious.

The difference between the automotive electronics PCBA front-loading market and the rear-loading market?
Automotive electronics PCBA’s current market is the front-loading market is the car market to support, suppliers are generally their subsidiaries or holding companies, and in the car regular after the other suppliers are generally very difficult to re-enter the supply chain system of vehicle manufacturers. Aftermarket is relatively speaking not so complicated a situation. The aftermarket is mainly oriented to the modification of this piece, such as the late addition of a reversing radar, anti-fatigue driving, lane departure warning, car OBU, and so on.

According to data analysis, the after-installation market is still mainly in the car network machine auxiliary equipment. Especially in recent years the rapid spread of 5G technology, which in turn led to the application of the Internet of Things, high-speed car networking as something mature industry sector, and high connection most of the number of cars Internet field decline and popularization of the Internet of Things industry rapid penetration, the industry scale is expanding.

According to our Chinese traditional automobile development industry association to carry V2X function for the definition of the car data, it is equipped with advanced vehicle sensors, controllers, actuators, and other devices, and fusion to become a modern society communication and network management technology, realize the car and X (people, cars, roads, backstage, etc.) intelligent related information exchange resource sharing, with a very complex environmental impact perception, intelligent analysis, and decision-making, Collaborative cost control and implementation and other functions, can realize the country’s safety, comfort, energy saving, efficient driving, and ultimately can replace the human operation of a new generation of cars. According to 2019 statistics, the $ 90 billion global V2X market size, it is expected that by 2022, the global V2X market size is expected to exceed $ 165 billion. Automotive PCBA

The whole V2X integrates data collection, data analysis, data processing, and decision control. Equivalent to the core brain of the automatic driving system, as a PCBA processing plant, we can provide customers with PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT chip processing, and subsequent assembly and testing links. At present, our PCBA factory also receives a very large number of automotive electronic products, many of which have very high functional and practical value. Such products are of great significance to the development and growth of our Chinese automotive market. With China’s 5G technology taking its share in the world, when the 5G era comes, China’s Telematics products and market will surely flourish!

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