What is the chip test?

Any piece of integrated circuit is designed for the completion of certain electrical characteristics of the function of the monolithic module, IC test is the integrated circuit test, is the use of a variety of methods, detection of those in the manufacturing process due to physical defects caused by non-compliance with the requirements of the sample. chiptest

IC test is generally divided into physical appearance test (Visual Inspecting Test), IC function test (Functional Test), chemical corrosion open cover test (De-Capsulation), weldability test (Solderability Test), DC parameter (electrical performance) test (Electrical Test), without damaging the internal characteristics of the module. Electrical Test, X-Ray, Rohs, and FA verification tests.

Test processes
(1) Pre-processing
Rough silicon ore is converted into high-purity monocrystalline silicon, and various IC components are fabricated on the wafer, and the IC chips on the wafer are tested.

(2) Back-end process
Wafer scribing (cutting) and packaging and testing of IC chips.

The IC industry is composed of design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing. IC testing, including IC design verification testing, IC in the test (wafer testing) and into the test (finished product testing), the development of test programs, test technology research and exchange, test system development, and technical training of test personnel and other services.

The basic meaning and function of a Chip test is to check whether there is any problem with the product. A good testing process can keep all the unqualified chips before reaching the hands of the user, to ensure that the customer receives a chip with good performance. chiptest

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