What is FPCB?

Flexible circuit boards are highly reliable, excellent flexible printed circuit boards made of polyimide or polyester film as a base material. Abbreviated as flexible board or FPC, it is characterized by high wiring density, lightweight, and thin thickness. It is mainly used in cell phones, notebook computers, PDAs, digital cameras, LCMs, and other products.

Production Process
The production of a good quality FPC board must have a complete and reasonable production process, from pre-production pretreatment to the final shipment, each procedure must be rigorously implemented. In the production process, to prevent too many open and short circuits caused by low yield or reduce drilling, calendering, cutting, and other process problems caused by the FPC board scrap, replenishment problems, and assess how to select the material to achieve the best results of the customer’s use of flexible circuit boards. Pre-production pretreatment is particularly important.

Pre-production pretreatment needs to deal with three aspects, these three aspects are completed by engineers. The first is the FPC board engineering evaluation, mainly to evaluate Evaluation of the customer’s FPC board can be produced, the company’s production capacity to meet the customer’s board requirements and unit costs; if the engineering assessment through the If the engineering assessment passes, then we need to immediately prepare materials to meet the supply of raw materials for various production processes, and finally, the engineer will process the customer’s CAD structure drawings, gerber Line information and other engineering documents for processing, in order to suit the production environment and production specifications of the production equipment, and then the production drawings and MI (engineering process) and other information decentralized Then the production drawings and MI (engineering process card) and other information are decentralized to the production department and various departments such as clerical control and purchasing to enter the regular production process.

Single-panel production process
Open material → Drilling → Dry film → Alignment → Exposure → Developing → Etching → Stripping → Surface treatment → Covering film → Pressing → Curing → Surface treatment → Nickel immersion Surface treatment → Surface treatment → Immersion nickel gold → Printing characters → Cutting → Electrical testing → Punching → Final inspection → Packaging → Shipments

Dual Panel Process
Uncutting → Drilling → PTH → Plating → Pre-treatment → Dry film → Alignment → Exposure → Developing → Graphic plating → Stripping → Pre-treatment → Dry film → Alignment Processing → dry film → alignment exposure → development → etching → stripping → surface treatment → overlay film → pressing → curing → nickel immersion Gold → Printing characters → Cutting → Electrical testing → Punching → Final inspection → Packaging → Shipment

Short (shorter assembly time), small (smaller volume than hardboard), light (lighter weight than hardboard), thin (thinner than hardboard) What is FPCB?

Basic structure
Copper Film
– Copper Foil: divided into electrolytic copper and calendered copper two kinds, the thickness of the common 1oz 1/2oz and 1/3 oz
– Substrate Film: Common thicknesses are 1 mil and 1/2 mil.
– Adhesive: Thicknesses are determined by customer requirements.

Cover Film
– Cover Film: For surface insulation. Common thicknesses are 1 mil and 1/2 mil.
– Glue (Adhesive): Thickness depends on the customer’s requirement.
– Release paper: To avoid adhesive from sticking to foreign matter before pressing; to facilitate the work.

PI Stiffener Film
– PI Stiffener Film: Reinforces the mechanical strength of the FPC and facilitates surface mounting operations. Common thicknesses range from 3mil to 9mil.
– Adhesive: Thickness depends on the customer’s requirement.
– Release paper: to avoid adhesive foreign matter before pressing.
– EMI: Electromagnetic shielding film, to protect the circuit board circuit from the outside world (strong electromagnetic area or susceptible to interference area) interference.

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