Development and Processes of IC Carrier PCB

IC carrier board has a new technology in recent years, as a high-end PCB board, with high density, high precision, miniaturization, and thin features.

IC carrier board is also called packaging substrate, in the field of high-level packaging, IC carrier board has replaced the traditional lead frame, and become an indispensable part of the chip package, not only for the chip to provide support, heat dissipation, and protection, and at the same time for the chip and the PCB motherboard to provide an electronic connection between the motherboard, plays a “top and bottom” role; and even can be buried in passive and active devices to achieve certain system functions. The IC package can even be embedded with passive and active devices to realize certain system functions.

Traditional IC packaging is to use the wireframe as the IC conduction line and supports the IC carrier, which connects the pins on both sides of the wireframe or around. With the development of IC packaging technology, the increase in the number of pins (more than 300 pins), the increase in wiring density, and the increase in the number of layers of the substrate, so that the traditional QFP and other forms of packaging in the development of its limitations. the mid-1990s, a new type of IC packaging form represented by the BGA, CSP, and then also produced a semiconductor chip packaging of the necessary new carrier, which is the IC package substrate (IC package substrate), the IC package substrate (IC package substrate), the IC package substrate (IC package substrate). is IC package substrate (IC Package Substrate, also known as IC package board).

Package Substrate Development

1989-1999 for the first stage, it is the package substrate initial development stage. This stage is characterized by Japan’s preemptive occupation of the majority of the world IC package substrate market.

2000-2003 for the second stage, is the rapid development of the packaging substrate stage. In this stage, China, Taiwan, and South Korean, packaging substrate industries began to rise, and Japan gradually formed a “three-legged” divided the world packaging substrate most of the market situation. At the same time, the package substrate obtained greater popularity in the application, and its production costs have dropped considerably. silicon chip

Since 2004 for the third stage of the IC package substrate. This stage is characterized by the rapid development of the FC package substrate. The higher technology level of MCM (multi-chip package) and SiP (system in package) with CSP package substrate have been development. The world’s entire IC packaging substrate market pattern has been a major shift, China, Taiwan, and South Korea accounted for most of the PBGA packaging substrate market. The inverted chip-mounted BGA, PGA-type package substrate more than half of the market, is still the world of Japanese companies.  silicon chip

The manufacturing process of the packaging substrate

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