How is the SMT patch price calculated?

Selection of SMT steel mesh manufacturing process and materials What is the SMT mounting price? What is the manufacturer’s calculation based on? Is a pad a point? How much is a point? Today, Hengtian Weiye Technology will give you a comprehensive introduction to the SMT price calculation method!

SMT mounting is to mount electronic components on the bare PCB. There will be costs in the process. How is the cost calculated?
In fact, the main charge is calculated from these three aspects. The reference price can be viewed on the SMT pricing page of the company’s official website

SMD points: SMD points refer to the number of components on the PCB.

DIP points: DIP points refer to the number of PCB plug-in pads. One pin is one point. If an IC has 8 pins, it is 8 points.

The number of boards: It is mainly related to the number of boards you produce. The more the number is, the more cost-effective it is. For specific reasons, please consult the company’s customer service personnel.

The main calculation methods are:
(SMD points x processing unit price+DIP points x processing unit price) x number of boards+engineering cost=total cost

Basically, all SMT factory prices are priced by reference to this data. The only difference is the difference between the unit price of points and the project cost. Generally, the unit price is “points”. The specific cost can be negotiated with the manufacturer. Of course, the premise is to have a quantity. Otherwise, the cost of starting a factory will be very high. The main cost comes from the labor cost. If you only need to paste 10 boards, from the previous project data sorting, SMT processing For quality inspection and engineering testing, the labor cost of each process is very high, so the reason why the cost will be expensive if the quantity is small is here.

If there are any questions about SMT pasting process that you don’t understand or don’t know what information to provide, you can consult the company’s online customer service and ask the engineer for details. This content is sorted and released by Shenzhen Hengtian Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. The pricing method is only for reference. Please consult the customer service personnel for the specific SMT chip processing price!

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