How much do you know about IWR1642BOOST?

IWR1642 BOOST is an easy-to-use 77GHz millimeter wave sensor evaluation board for IWR1642 devices that can be directly connected to a microcontroller (MCU) development kit equipped with millimeter wave tools and software, including mmWave Studio (MMWAVE-STUDIO) and millimeter wave software development kit (MMWAVE-SDK).


mmWave Radar PCBA05


The IWR1642 BOOST device is an integrated monolithic millimeter wave sensor based on FMCW radar technology, capable of operating in the 76 to 81 GHz frequency band, and has a continuous chirp of up to 4 GHz. The device is manufactured using TI’s low-power 45 nm RFCMOS process, and this solution achieves an unprecedented level of integration with minimal form factors. IWR1642 is an ideal solution for low power consumption, self monitoring, and ultra precision radar systems, suitable for industrial applications such as building automation, factory automation, unmanned aerial vehicles, material handling, traffic monitoring, and surveillance. The IWR1642 BOOST device is an independent single chip solution that simplifies the implementation of millimeter wave sensors in the 76 to 81 GHz frequency band. IWR1642 BOOST includes a monolithic implementation of a 2TX and 4RX system with built-in PLL and A2D converters. IWR1642 BOOST also integrates a DSP subsystem that includes TI’s high- performance C674x DSP for RF signal processing. The device includes an ARM R4F based processor subsystem responsible for front-end configuration, control, and calibration. Simple programming model changes can achieve various sensor implementations, and it is possible to dynamically reconfigure to achieve multimode sensors. In addition, the device is provided as a complete platform solution, including reference hardware designs, software drivers, sample configurations, API guides, training, and user documentation.


Millimeter wave sensors can operate under any environmental conditions, such as day, night, snow, rain, fog, and dust, and provide high-precision measurements with low power consumption in
a small size. Compared to 24GHz sensors, IWR1642 BOOST is a high-end single chip millimeter wave sensor with 2 transmit and 4 receive antennas. It is designed for short and ultra-short distance applications, such as blind spot detection, lane change assistance, intersection traffic warning, and vehicle start and stop control. IWR1642BOOST mmWave Radar PCBA features On board antenna for field testing XDS110 based JTAG simulation via flash programmed serial port UART to USB interface for control, configuration and data visualization LaunchPad interface for seamless connection to MCU CAN connector supports direct connection to automotive units.

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