Lidar Technology and Security Surveillance Trends – The Importance of Lidar PCBs

Lidar PCBs are the “eyes” of a driverless car, emitting lasers that return after encountering an obstacle to map the environment around the vehicle. Lidar can recognize vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles in the vicinity. Lidar PCB is the carrier of the product to realize its function, not only to ensure the perfect precision of PCB design, and electrical performance integrity but also to ensure the realizability of its production, cost, etc. OPCBA.COM can produce Lidar PCB, to ensure the manufacturability of customer’s design. In the future, the application of Lidar PCB will be welcomed by many electronic research and development companies.

lidar pcb

With the rapid development of the security monitoring field, the security monitoring system is more and more multi-functional, integrated, and intelligent development, security monitoring equipment is also constantly updated, and the traditional single camera model has been unable to fully meet the security environment is becoming more and more complex, diversified, multi-functional requirements. In this situation, the addition of Lidar, for the security monitoring industry provides a new solution and functional supplement. Relative to the traditional security monitoring system, based on the Lidar security monitoring program to meet the customer’s basic safety and security monitoring, the alarm functions at the same time and is more able to enhance the customer’s deep-seated needs. Lidar in the field of security monitoring gradually showed unique, huge advantages.

Security monitoring: A security monitoring system is the application of optical fiber, coaxial cable, or microwave in its closed-loop transmission of video signals, and from the camera to the image display and recording constitutes an independent and complete system. It can real-time, images, and true reflection of the object being monitored, not only greatly extending the observation distance of the human eye, but also expanding the function of the human eye, it can be done in harsh environments instead of manually for a long time to monitor, so that a person can see the scene being monitored the actual occurrence of all the circumstances, and recorded through the video recorder. At the same time, the alarm system equipment for the illegal invasion of the alarm, resulting in alarm signals into the alarm host, the alarm host triggers the monitoring system video and record.

Lidar: Lidar is a radar system that emits laser beams to detect the position, speed, and other characteristics of the target. From the working principle, and microwave radar is not fundamentally different: the target launches the detection signal (laser beam) and then receives the target reflected signal (target echo) and the launch of the signal to compare, after appropriate processing, you can get the target of the relevant information, such as target distance, bearing, height, speed, attitude, and even the shape of the parameters, to aircraft, missiles, and other targets for detection, Tracking and identification of aircraft, missiles and other targets.

Work in the infrared and visible wavelengths, laser as the working beam of the radar is called Lidar. It consists of a laser transmitter, optical receiver, turntable information processing systems, etc., the laser will be electrical pulses into light pulses emitted, the optical receiver, and then from the target reflected to the light pulses into electrical pulses, sent to the display.

Lidar used in the field of security monitoring has the following advantages:
(1) anti-interference
Lidar because the scanner active launch monitoring laser pulse mode of operation, without the use of ambient light, without the need to add a light source to make up for the light, whether it is day or night light changes can be stabilized monitoring. At the same time, it integrates a variety of anti-environmental interference software and hardware measures, and can reliably monitor in harsh outdoor environments.
(2) Convenient
Do not rely on organisms’ far-infrared sensing, can detect the human body can also detect ordinary objects, even if the intruder using infrared shielding clothing can also be reliably detected. It can accurately distinguish between the monitoring area that prohibits intrusion and the open area that allows access (reducing the interference of personnel activities in the open area). Relative to the leakage cable (buried cable), compact in size, can be installed in any location, easy to install. A single sensor protects a large area. The compact size makes it easy to install in a concealed location and reduces installation effort. The shape of the monitoring area can be flexibly set by the user. The shape of the monitoring area can be set flexibly by the user, and the parameter settings such as the shape of the monitoring area can be easily switched in the working mode.
(3) Precision
Lidar uses laser beams, the working frequency is much higher than microwave, and very high resolution, and can detect both moving and stationary objects. At the same time, it can set up multiple independent monitoring areas and multiple independent outputs for different monitoring purposes. When the intruder is detected, it can provide accurate location information, combined with a video system real-time tracking focus.

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