Magnetorquer PCB in Cube Satellite

CubeSat is a microsatellite with a cube-shaped structure. Although light in weight and small in size, this kind of satellite can carry certain space experiment payloads to carry out scientific experiments and is inexpensive, so it has now become an internationalized standard for microsatellites. When a satellite is launched into orbit, it carries an angular velocity. To perform attitude measurement, the satellite must decelerate. In other words, the angular velocity of the satellite must be close to zero. Such a problem is known as the rigid body de-spinning problem. Conventional aerodynamic moments can be used to solve the rigid body deceleration problem, but it is more convenient to use magnetic control. In other words, the magnetic moment is generated by moving in the magnetic field generated by the center object, and thus the control is achieved. In addition, magnetic control is often used in attitude adjustment and flywheel control. A magnetic moment generator (Magnetorquer) is the actuator of magnetic control.

CubeSat Magnetorquer PCB Board” literally means, Magnetorquer PCB in Cube Satellite. Design Cubesat It can be used as an initial de-rotation, attitude adjustment, and flywheel control. Its parameters are:
PCB base plate, three-axis system
Actuator consists of three magnetic coils placed perpendicular to each other.
Generation of a maximum magnetic field of 200 mA-m2.

The Magnetorquer magnetic control offers the following advantages:
Low energy consumption and low mass
Suitable for designs with limited space
Simple design
No moving objects can be treated as a rigid body
Easy to make continuous, small adjustments

Magnetic control also has the following disadvantages:
Not suitable for tasks requiring high precision
Long response time and slow execution
Uncertainty in the magnetic field introduces uncertainty in the control
Suitable for controlling cubic stars up to 24 kg
Mass of 196 g

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