PCBA board patch processing for high temperature electronic products

As electronic devices become smaller and lighter, the demand for high-performance PCBs continues to grow. However, application electronic equipment will generate huge heat due to the high-frequency IC components (such as A/D or D/A type) used therein. This heat will affect the thermal density and performance of PCB.


Highlights of  processing service for high-temperature electronic products
The following are the highlights of our assembly services for high-temperature or high-temperature PCBA chip processing:
Comprehensive high-temperature solution: we provide comprehensive PCB components for high-temperature solutions from – 55 OC to 200 O. Our temperature capabilities are divided into three categories: standard temperature: – 55 OC to 150 O
High temperature: 150 OC to 175 OC
Extreme temperature: 175 OC to 200 OC and above
Manufactured according to specifications: We can provide PCB components of standard and customized design for high-temperature circuits. Our PCBs help customers minimize electronic engineering challenges, manage projects efficiently, and reduce operating costs.
Test capability: We conduct extensive tests and inspections to ensure that PCB components and PCB components built in the box can withstand high temperature conditions. We implement:
Temperature test
Online test
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
X-ray testing
Camera detection
Capability: Our high-temperature PCB assembly capability lies in:
Multilayer connection
Chip and wire assembly
SMT assembly (PCBA)
Box building and system assembly
Temperature based electrical measurement
Manufacturing Design: Our customers can benefit from our high temperature PCB engineering expertise. Our in-house processing equipment, proven engineering practices and advanced testing capabilities enable us to provide rapid turnaround from prototype to production. We provide complete lifecycle support in the following areas:
Concept and design
Selection of components
Packaging and CAD layout design
Quality report
Production preparation review
Production promotion and support
Industrial applications using high-temperature electronic equipment
The following are a few industrial applications that use high-temperature electronic equipment:
Oil, gas and energy: Our high-temperature PCB components can reduce the operating costs and maintenance of monitoring and drilling equipment used in the oil, gas and energy fields. We have provided PCB assembly services for some applications in the oil, gas and energy fields, such as:
Pressure control sensor
Motor controller
Maritime Safety Control System
Oil and gas measurement system
Medical and instrumentation: Reliable electronic equipment is a necessary condition for a variety of medical applications. We provide customized solutions to ensure reliable performance in harsh conditions. The following are some high temperature electronic products in the medical industry using high temperature PCB:
Mixing component of blood analyzer
Blood electrolyte sensor
Surgical drill motor
Aerospace high temperature electronics: We provide PCB and PCB components for a wide range of commercial aerospace solutions, such as:
Head Up Display
Aircraft altimeter
Power Supply
Digital engine control
To learn more about high temperature PCB design and assembly, please contact us today at opcba.com or email us at sabrina@ipcb.com.

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