The Relationship and Characteristics of PCB and Chips

Chip soldered to  PCB, which is the carrier of integrated circuits. Chip refers to IC, is composed of the crystal original and outside the package, as small as a transistor, as large as the computer’s CPU, are IC, in general, are installed through the pins on the PCB, chip, and PCB connection has a volume of packaging, there is direct insertion, there are patches, there is not directly mounted on the PCB, such as a computer CPU, to replace the convenience of the form of sockets or pins pressed together to fix in the Above, there is a chip, bonding, is directly enclosed in the PCB above. chip on board pcb

Chips to be “mounted” or “soldered” on the circuit board chip to be soldered on the circuit board through the solder, and the circuit board through the “alignment” to establish an electrical connection between the chip and the chip. The circuit board is the carrier of the components. The circuit board is the carrier of the components, both the fixed chip and to ensure the electrical connection, to ensure the stability of the work of the chip.

Mention of chips and PCB, often think of the word “chip packaging”, what is chip packaging?
Chip packaging on the board refers to the bare chip with conductive or non-conductive adhesive bonding in the interconnection of the substrate, and then through the lead bonding to achieve its electrical connection, or the use of Flip Chip technology (FC) will be the bare chip and the substrate to achieve electrical and mechanical connections. If the bare chip is directly exposed to the air, it is susceptible to contamination or man-made damage, affecting or destroying the function of the chip, so the chip should be encapsulated with encapsulating adhesive. chip on board pcb The advantages and disadvantages of chip encapsulation are as follows:

(1) Advantages: Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is usually applied to single-chip packaging, while COB packaging is more suitable for the same substrate, multi-chip, array packaging; SMT packaging interface layer will form a number of thermal resistance interface layer, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the device, compared with the COB packaging interface structure is simple, less thermal resistance interface, the device’s heat dissipation performance is excellent, which improves the service life of the device and efficiency; SMT packaging method in the interface layer will form multiple thermal resistance interface layer, resulting in poor device heat dissipation; SMT packaging method of interface structure is simple, less thermal resistance interface, device’s heat dissipation performance, which improves the service life of the device and efficiency; SMT encapsulation mode to produce a number of interface metal layer, bracket and other external auxiliary equipment, the cost is higher, while the COB encapsulation is directly bonded to the substrate, the production process is simple, simple external lines, thus greatly reducing the cost of encapsulation; COB encapsulation technology, many of the processes used in the automated production is suitable for.

(2) Disadvantages: high-power COB encapsulation substrate used in the current main aluminum substrate and ceramic substrate two types, aluminum substrate is cheaper, but has poorer heat dissipation performance, while the ceramic substrate heat dissipation performance is better, but more expensive; encapsulation adhesive performance for the COB encapsulation has a great impact; the chip not only affects the performance of the system, but also with the entire system of heat dissipation, but the existence of the chip and encapsulation adhesive, chip and substrate However, there is the problem of imbalance between the chip and encapsulation adhesive, and the chip and substrate; COB package heat dissipation structure has many kinds of, but in the actual production process, there are still heat dissipation structure can not reach the expected heat dissipation effect, and the processing of the whole heat dissipation structure is too complicated, and the manufacturing cost is larger. has the rich practical experience in manufacturing PCBs and can produce your designs well. If you want to produce PCBs, please feel free to contact us.  chip on board pcb

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