The test methods of printed circuit board

After ensuring that the PCB does not have a short circuit, broken circuit, poor contact, and other bad problems, before packaging and shipping. circuit board light fixture

Test Methods have two:
1. Flying probe test
2. Fixture test.

    The flying probe test is one of the methods to check the electrical function of PCB (open and short circuit test). The flying probe test machine is a system for testing PCBs in a manufacturing environment. Instead of using the traditional bed-of-nails interface found on all traditional in-circuit testers, flying probe testing uses four to eight independently controlled probes that move to the component under test. The unit under test (UUT, unit under test) is transported to the tester via a belt or other UUT conveyor system. Then, the tester’s probes contact the test pads to test the individual components of the UUT. Test probes are connected to drivers (signal generators, power supplies, etc.) and transducers (digital multimeters, frequency counters, etc.) via a multiplexing system to test components on the UUT. While one component is being tested, the other components on the UUT are electrically shielded from reading interference using a probe. circuit board light fixture

    The PCB board fixture is an inspection device for PCB boards, especially a fixture for PCB board inspection. It has a fixed seat which can be slid back and forth on a machine base, a front stopper bar, and a rear stopper bar which are set on the fixed seat, said front stopper bar is fixedly connected to the fixed seat, said rear stopper bar is solidly connected to the fixed seat, a PCB board chuck comprising a cocking plate and a top plate is set on the front stopper bar, the middle part of the PCB board chuck is pinned to the front stopper bar, and a top bar device is set on the front of the machine base, said top bar device comprises a base fixedly mounted to the machine base and a top plate set to the base. Said top bar device comprises a base fixedly mounted on the base and a top bar set on the base, and the top bar of the top bar device rests against the top plate when the fixed seat is moved to the foremost end. The utility model has a simple structure, the PCB board can be easily and quickly implemented clamping, improving work efficiency, while the PCB board clamping is also more stable, to ensure that the camera on the PCB board captures images of the clarity of the PCB board, thereby improving the accuracy of the PCB board detection.

    Sometimes, the customers will ask their questions about the test cost. They’re curious about the fixture cost(BBT Jig Cost), and why there is no when I buy a sample.
    When the total area of the PCB order is more than 2 square meters, this PCB should make a fixture to test.
    When the PCB order area belongs to the sample standard, you can use a flying probe to test, you don’t need to make a fixture, and there will be no fixture cost. circuit board light fixture

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