What is Eagle PCB?

1. What is  Eagle PCB?
Eagle PCB is a great PCB design software that provides advanced features such as online forward and reverse annotation, batch command execution script files, copper coating, and interactive following router. Open-source hardware is very popular in the creation world abroad. Many Open-source hardware are designed based on Eagle, and can open. Sch and. brd files, which is more convenient than Altium Designer and Cadence Allegro. It can meet the needs of different engineers. In addition to retaining all the functions of Eagle, the new version has also been updated, and the new configuration can greatly reduce the design cost of PCB circuit boards.

2. What are the characteristics of Eagle PCB software?
(1) Easy to learn
-The schematic editor, PCB editor, and catalog editor have the same user interface
-Experts provide free service support
-Compatible with Windows Linux Mac system
(2) Easy to use
-Flexible User Language Programs (ULPs) can implement custom functions such as specific instruction sequences, simulations, data exports, and imports.
-The exported Gerber file can be used in any circuit board factory:
A. Gerber 274X and Gerber 274D
B. Excel NC drilling data format
C. SM1000 and SM3000
D. User-defined output format
(3) Reading, editing, and parsing data from outside of EAGLE
The new XML database structure allows users to design in EAGLE format by writing scripts, greatly improving production efficiency. You can make modifications to the design, import information from other designs, and even convert other formats. This is the first CAD database to use ASCII text format and can become a standard for design communication within the industry – making EAGLE the most flexible, user-friendly, and productive PCB tool on the market.
(4) Design rules: Use copy and paste functions to merge PCB designs and schematics
You can copy the corresponding schematic and PCB designs from a completed design to another project. The components and signals are strictly unchanged, thus achieving consistency between the schematic and PCB design. This method can easily complete the design, such as for multi-channel devices. All you need to do is design the schematic and PCB of a single channel and then make a simple copy. The use of serpentine wires can help users automatically achieve a specific length of wiring for a signal on a PCB. The serpentine line in the circuit is used to increase signal delay time in high-speed digital circuits.
(5) Improvement of the graphical user interface
Define your own right-click menu, which can accelerate your workflow by customizing menu content in the right-click menu. Commonly used commands or command combinations can be added to the right-click menu. This can minimize the number of mouse clicks and improve work speed.
(6) Easily draw pads of any shape
Based on a pad or SMD, use the wire or POLYGON command to draw the final component outline. These objects will be considered as part of the pad/SMD. There will be no further problems when Design rule-checking these objects. Thanks to differential pair routing and automatic generation of serpentine lines. The wiring of special signals can achieve identical line lengths. The wiring of differential pairs is used for differential signals (positive and negative signals) on the circuit board to establish a synchronous transmission system. Thanks to unlimited Technology parameters and encapsulated variable names. Previously, restrictions were set on the number of Technology parameters and encapsulated variable names. In some cases, this quantity limit may be exceeded, so designers have to split a component library in half. This restriction is no longer present in the 6th version of EAGLE.
(7) PCB Editor Plugin
Automatically measure your PCB design. With the ruler tool, you can click the mouse to measure the size of an object. Using Cutout polygons to establish restricted areas. Both external and internal layers can now draw separate restricted areas, where copper plating and wiring are not allowed. Simply draw a polygon and define it as a cutout. Multiple circuit board solutions achieve flexibility. Now EAGLE6 supports multiple different circuit board schemes corresponding to one schematic diagram. Click the mouse to center, top, right, bottom, center, or center the text. This feature allows you to adjust the text position just like in a text editor. Implement a clean layout and make writing tasks – such as writing annotations – more effortless.

Eagle PCB is not limited to the above points. If you want to obtain more information about Eagle PCB software, such as features, usage tutorials, etc., please feel free to contact opcba.com

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