Why Rogers’s material is so popular among PCB designers?

Rogers PCBs are produced using Rogers laminination as the base material. Rogers PCB sheet is a high-frequency material that is different from traditional PCB epoxy. There are no glass fibers in the middle it is a ceramic-based high-frequency material. When the circuit frequency is higher than 500MHz, the range of materials available to the design engineer is greatly reduced. For example, Rogers RO4350B material can be easily fabricated for RF engineering design circuits such as network matching and transmission line impedance control. Due to its low dielectric loss, R04350B has an advantage over common circuit materials for high-frequency applications. The dielectric constant for temperature fluctuations is almost the lowest among the same materials. The dielectric constant is also very stable at 3.48 over a wide frequency range. 3.66. The design recommendation for LoPra copper foils reduces insertion loss. This makes the material suitable for broadband applications.

Rogers PCB

Popular Rogers boards for hardware design engineers are RO4350B, RO4003C, RO3003, RO4835, RT6035, and RT5880, etc. The reason for this is the excellent stability of PCBs made from Rogers boards.

Applications of Rogers PCB
(1) Automotive radar systems;
(2) Global positioning satellite antennas;
(3) Cellular telecommunication systems – power amplifiers and antennas;
(4) Live broadcast satellites;
(5) E-band point-to-point microwave links;
(6) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags;
(7) Airborne and ground-based radar systems;
(8) Millimeter wave applications;
(9) Missile guidance systems;
(10) Space satellite transceivers.

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