Do You Know What is PWB?

What is PWB? In the PCB industry, the word “PCB” is really familiar that everyone knows what it means. What’s the abbreviation for PWB? PCB is the abbreviation of the English “Printed Circuit Board”, translated into Chinese as “Yin Zhi Dian Lu Ban” or “Yin Zhi Xian Lu Ban”, consisting of printed circuit graphics and printed components. What is the difference between PWBs and PCBs? In fact, PWB and PCB refer to the same thing, but the corresponding English words are different. What is the abbreviation for PWB? PWB is the abbreviation of the English “Printed Wire Board”, translated into Chinese for”Yin Zhi Xian Lu Ban”, PWB is an early British name, because at that time there is only a circuit diagram on the circuit board, no printed original, is a more original circuit board.

With the development of science and technology, there is no fundamental difference between PWBs and PCBs, just different names. Some people in the UK and Hong Kong still use the word “PWB” because they are used to PWB, but it is the same as PCB, which means “Circuit Board”.

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