What is the One Stop PCB Assembly Services?

One Stop PCB Assembly means providing the services of PCB assembly, including PCB design, PCB layout, PCB fabrication, components purchasing, PCB components soldering and PCBA boarding testing etc. The customers share the ideas of your products, or send us the Gerber files and BOM, then you just need to wait your products that arrived your site. In the production, will give the feedback to you the production progress. You don’t need to find another companys to finish your products, just discuss with the requirements to one company who will help you deal with other things.

one stop pcb assembly

PCBA is the abbreviation of Printed Circuit Board Assembly in English, which refers to the entire process of PCB blank board mounting through SMT (Surface Mount Technology) or through DIP (dual inline package) plug-ins. OPCBA provide the one stop PCB assembly services, welcoming to contact us to know more information.

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