FPC PCB Technics Capacity

Flexible PCB, FPCB, is a printed circuit board with graphics made of flexible substrate, consisting of an insulating substrate and a conductive layer, between which there can be a binder. between the insulating substrate and the conductive layer can have a binder. Because Flexible PC has a continuous automated production, high wiring density, light weight, small size, wiring error less, flexible and can be flexible to change the shape of Flexible PC is widely used in military, defense and consumer electronics such as digital cameras, watches, laptops and other fields.

FPC PCB Technics Capacity of OPCBA.COM

No. Item Description Data and Model
1 FPC Main material Brand taiflex、graceth)、SY
2 PCB Material Brand SY、ITEQ、KB
3 Texture Texture Brand PI、 PET
4 Cover Film Brand taiflex、graceth、SY
5 Max Layers LAYER 1-14layers(sample)、1-12layers(manufacture)
6 Finish Board thickness mm 0.25-6.0mm(samplel) Rigid – Flex PCB 0.25-6.0mm
7 Min Pattern Width / Spacing mm 0.05mm/0.05mm
8 Max finish board size mm 230*450mm
9 Finish Board thickness tolerance mm ±50.05mm
10 PP Thickness um 12.5um 、 25um  、 50um
11 Copper thickness um 12um 、 18um 、 36um 、 70um
12 Stiffener materail Variety FR4/PI/PET/SUS/PSA
13 Surface treatment Variety ENIG、Immersion tin、OSP、immersion silver、plating gold
14 Min hole size mm Mechanical Hole  :0.15mm 、Laser Hole0.1mm
15 Hole tolerance mm NPTH:±0.05mm 、PTH:±0.075mm
16 Cover film color Variety Yellow 、 Black
17 PI thickness mil 0.5mil、0.7mil、0.8mil、1mil、2mil
18 Max number of layers of FPCB 1-8layers
19 Min finished size mm 5mm*8mm
20 Min pad mm inner layer(5mil)、outer layer(4mil)
21 Stiffener min size mm 4mm×5mm
22 Stiffener max size mm 32mm×32mm
23 Stifferner alignment accuracy mm ±0.075mm
24 Cover minimum openning size mm 0.6×0.6mm(steeling tooling)、0.5×0.5mm(Precision tooling)
25 Minimum openning spacing for covering film mm 0.5mm(Precision tooling)、0.2mm(Laser Routing)、 0.15mm(Normal drilling)
26 Coating film overflow amount(unilateral) mm Normal0.08-0.12mm 、 Limitation0.03mm
27 Min diameter of gold finger semicircle hole mm 0.25mm,Normal value0.3mm
28 Rigid-Flex PCB:Peel-off strength N 1.4N
29 Rigid-Flex PCB:Planeness um Less than 15um before baking; less than 30um after baking
30 Rigid-Flex PCB:thermal shock 288℃(3 times within 10 seconds)
31 Rigid-Flex PCB:W/B gold wire pull g > 6g
32 Rigid-Flex PCB:min.board thickness mm FPCB 0.1mm、4Layers 0.3mm、6Layers 0.5mm、8Layers 0.6mm、 10Layers0.8mm

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